How to Tune and Modify Motorcycle Engine Management Systems

This book is written for the motorcycle, or powersports vehicle owners that wants to find out more about EFI systems and the possibilities of modifying them for better performance. The book covers a wide range of EFI related subjects including: how motorcycle exhaust emissions and EFI systems are related, a history of EFI motorcycle by manufacturer, how various types of EFI systems operate, how aftermarket EFI controllers work, how the new auto-tune systems use wide band oxygen sensors to tune fuel maps and how catalytic converters and air/fuel ratios relate to performance. In addition, there is an extensive chapter of measuring engine performance (horsepower and torque) and the practical effects of each in real-world riding. What consumers should know before they take their bike to have it dyno-tuned is also discussed as well as the different types of dynamometers typically used for motorcycles.

Ever wonder if it’s better to have more torque, or more horsepower? Both are covered extensively; how they relate and what the numbers translate to on the street or track. The history of engine power measurement is discussed and why the horsepower and torque numbers were controversial 100 years ago and still are today. Filled with simple, clarifying full-color illustrations and photographs, this 192 page book contains all the information necessary to successfully add an aftermarket EFI controller to any motorcycle or powersports vehicle. How to read a typical fuel map and make changes to increase performance and fuel economy are discussed complete with charts and examples.

Written in easy-to-understand language, this book never reads like a typical textbook but more like an in-depth magazine article. The last chapter is an extensive guide to EFI and engine performance troubleshooting for the do-it-yourself mechanic. The use of simple (inexpensive) tools are covered as well as hands-on, practical tests that can be used to narrow down the cause of many common, and not so common, EFI related problems. With the wide-spread use of ethanol mixed with gasoline how it affects engine performance is discussed as well as a detailed section on gasoline octane ratings and how they related to modern motorcycle engine performance.

Filled with simple, clarifying full-color illustrations and photographs, How to Tune and Modify Motorcycle Engine Management Systems contains all the information necessary to have a good understanding regarding EFI systems and how to successfully change factory settings. This is the only book to comprehensively make the complex language and operation of EFI systems and performance tuning on a motorcycle simple, entertaining and stress-free. Find out for yourself how easy it is to competently navigate a topic, which up until now has been a mystery to all but the most highly trained technicians, and why learning new skills has never been more practical or enjoyable.

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