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Tracy Martin

Motorcycle Riding Skills Training

Helped developed the Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic based on the book, “Total Control,” by Lee Parks.Tracy has trained Total Control instructors and taught class throughout the U.S. for civilian, law enforcement and military motorcyclists. In addition to U.S. classes, he has taught classes in the Russian Federation and United Kingdom. Total Control classes are available in 22 states. Check out Total Control’s schedule page for classes in your area.


Tracy has presented seminars at locations throughout the U.S. including the International Motorcycle Show in Washington D.C., Americade and BMW International motorcycle events. Seminar presentations include: High-Performance Riding Skills, Why We Ride Motorcycles, Motorcycle Riding Gear, Motorcycle Suspension, Automotive/Motorcycle 12-Volt Electrical Systems, How to Read Wiring Diagrams, How Electronic Fuel Injection Works and other subjects.


Tracy has contributed to motorcycle enthusiasts magazines since 1997. He has written new motorcycle reviews, product evaluations and comparisons, and numerous technical articles covering subjects including: electronic fuel injection, charging systems, ABS braking systems, electronic ignition and engine management. He also contributes to professional trade publications for the powersports industry including Dealer News, Motorcycle Product News and Powersports Magazine.

Technical Writer

Tracy has been a technical writer for over 25 years and has written on a wide variety of subjects including: turbochargers, superchargers, electronic engine management systems, and automotive new model introductions for dealerships. In addition to powersports subject matter, he has written extensive software documentation for large website development projects. Clients include: Dealership University, Nissan of North America, Snap-On Tools, Sun Electric, Michel Service Manuals The United States Department of Labor, The Consumer Product Safety Commission, Lockheed Martin and The Department of Homeland Security—Transportation Security Administration.

Expert Witness

Tracy has served as expert witness regarding automotive-related legal issues, including: electronic fuel injection, ABS braking systems, electronic cruise control and other on-board computer-controlled automotive systems. He has provided courtroom and deposition testimony as well as written legal reports and consultation services for attorneys.

Detailed Curriculum Vitae and Resume available upon request.

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